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Tourism in France: Gerberoy, the green magic of a town in Picardy

Located in Picardy, Gerberoy is home to just 92 residents, making it France’s smallest city. This romantic tourist destination is bursting with magical greenery on every street corner.

Tourism in France: Gerberoy, the green magic of a town in Picardy


At a time when everyone is eager to reconnect with nature, the smallest city in France has always been a top destination for rose aficionados. Located two hours from Paris in the department of Oise, Gerberoy is made up of tiny streets lined with half-timbered houses that immediately call to mind neighbouring Normandy. Throughout its history, this movie-worthy city has been visited by Henry VI, Richelieu, and Louis XIII, and now serves as the background for a number of successful films and TV series.

Flowers with fruity fragrances

It’s hard to resist its many charms! Featuring historical cobblestone, colourful dollhouses made from cob and timber framing, and sun-drenched hollyhock and wisteria, Gerberoy cuts an impressive figure that is well worth a weekend trip in the summer. Visitors will love the fragrance of its many flowers. Since the arrival of the painter Henri Le Sidaner in 1901, the rose has held centre stage. In fact, 25 different varieties of this symbolic flower are celebrated every year.

A city-turned-garden

To take full advantage of this tourist destination, visitors should start on Saint-Amant, which is lined with hazel trees, and continue on to the « Blue House », which dates back to 1690. Next stop is the city ramparts in front of Charlemagne Tower, located inside the Henri Le Sidaner Gardens, followed by a miniature vineyard on a hillside. All around, a number of high-quality bed and breakfasts are available to those who remember to reserve early enough!

Places to visit

Yew Garden: This garden is both a country-style restaurant and certified as one of France’s « Remarkable Gardens ». Decorated with impressive topiaries, shaped hedges, and a vegetable garden, this eighteenth-century showcase from Delphine and Gilles Lapalu treats visitors to both a tour and a meal featuring beautifully presented local specialities.

Henri Le Sidaner Gardens: These gardens were awarded a star in the Michelin Green Guide and seem suspended in time. Planted by the painter who put the town on the map by immortalizing it through hundreds of works, these Italian-style gardens are located on the ruins of a fortified chateau that dates back to the nineteenth century.

Guided tours are available both with and without a meal:


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