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A townhouse in the royal district of posh Belgravia, in London

A townhouse in the royal district of posh Belgravia, in London

In London, the royal district of Belgravia shelters many real estate marvels including several elegant must-own townhouses.

A townhouse in the royal district of posh Belgravia, in London


Residing in the posh district of Belgravia, in London, is tantamount to being part of  "High Society". West of Westminster and Buckingham Palace, it is the most upscale area of the British capital, and it welcomes embassies, leading hotels, antique shopes and deluxe boutiques. While the prices of apartments are sky high, those of townhouses do not dissuade buyers.

Belgravia, the Royal Londonian district

This exceptional real estate property is very discreet, behind a facade of blonde bricks, Victorian columns and wrought-iron gates. Period elements, such as ceiling moldings and marble fireplaces, are well preserved. The 4 levels, spanning 360 m² of liveable surface, offer both a view on the street as well as on an inside courtyard.

Apartment London dining room
Installed in front of a marble fireplace, the dining room table is the rendezvous of family meals. © DR
Appartement London bedroom
Very calm, the bedroom offers a clever mix combining both traditional and modern styles. © DR

Overlooking the high-end districts of London

This royal heritage features 5 spacious rooms, including a living room, 4 bathrooms, a fitted kitchen with a central islet and integrated wood paneling offerring important storing space. But what the owners are really proud of is the pleasant terrace that enables to admire London's urban landscape. A priceless asset with lots of charm…

terrace in London
Sitting down for drinks or coffee on this terrace is a rare privilege in London. © DR

A royal sweet home, made in London

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