Umbrosa, collections of creative parasols for summer

In order to enjoy summer while staying protected from the sun, Umbrosa has launched their ultra-creative parasol collections.

Conceived to protect from the sun, the parasol is by definition mobile in order to offer optimal multi-function use. In the past, used to replace beach cabins, this canvas umbrella enabled to maintain a pale complexion despite the sun, offering a maxium of protection against UV sunrays, while bringing a decorative touch to terraces, gardens, pools and beaches.

Parasols to collect at Umbrosa

At Umbrosa, a Belgian company, that draws its inspiration from nature to create ultra premium parasol ranges, the shade solutions run a wide gamut of shapes and refinements. A must in terms of ergonomy and the functionalities of products imagined by a panel of designers.

Parasol Umbrosa Olive
The Minareto Hotel of Syracuse, in Sicily, opted for the Lotus/Venus model to enhance its pool. © DR
Parasol Umbrosa Rimbou
With the Rimbou parasol, it is possible to project shade on just one deckchair. © DR
Parasol Umbrosa Spectra
To shelter their rooftops, the Hilton Gardens Inn Hotels privilege shapes and colours with the Spectra reference. © DR

Sunshades galore

Paraflex, Ingenua, Icarus, Spectra, Infina, Rimbou, Eclipsum, Nauta, Legno, the models adapt to all the environments, private or public. Equipped with a solid base and anodized aluminium, they even revolve at 360° to follow the sun in keeping with the hours of the day and their colours can adapt, on demand, to match your new blazer or your evening dress…

Parasol Umbrosa Nauta Cabanaconcept
Revolutionary and daring, the Cabanaconcept Nauta allows a variety of pleasures. © DR
Parasol Umbrosa Ingenua
With its sails fully displayed, Ingenua can cover a very large surface. © DR

Let the sun shine in… under a parasol