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Under the golden domes of the Kremlin, the red fortress of Moscow

Under the golden domes of the Kremlin, the red fortress of Moscow

In Moscow, the Kremlin is a succession of palaces, churches and museums to discover inside the gilded fortress. A guided visit!

Under the golden domes of the Kremlin, the red fortress of Moscow

All the visits of the Russian capital begin on the Red Place. Framed by a multitude of monuments filled with incredible treasures, this famous site shelters an official governmental palace: The Kremlin. Open year-round, the seat of the country's executive power can be visited by tourists interested in history, culture and architectural patrimony.

Inside the Kremlin fortress of Moscow

The Kremlin spans 27 hectares. Your first steps with lead you to the Place of the Cathedrals—the Assumption, Saint-Michael Archangel, the Annunciation, the Depostion of the Virgin's Robe and the Twelve Apostles. White facades, golden bulbs, icons, relics, tombs of the patriarchs, bas-reliefs, religious frescoes, all these venues are dedicated to cults form a unique spectacle.

Moscow Grand Palace of the Kremlin room dedicated to the Order of Saint-Alexandre Nevsky
At the heart of the Kremlin, the room dedicated to the Order of Saint-Alexandre Nevsky shimmers with gold, chandeliers and marquetry parquet floors. © DR
Moscow Cathedral of the Assumption at the Kremlin
Coiffed with gilded cupolas, the Cathedral of the Assumption is one of the most sacred of all Russias. © DR
Moscou interior of a church
In this enclave, dedicated to cult, which hosted Ivan the Terrible, Catherine II and Alexandre 1st, the walls were painted by 150 Italian artists. © DR

All the treasures of Russia

A little further, a selfie op, in front of Tsar Kolokol, the largest bell in the world, is a must. Then enter the Diamond Fund galleries, showcasing the impressive gems of former sovereigns. After going through a series of adjoining ceremonial reception rooms, you will finally arrive in the spectacular Museum of the Royal Coaches. A complete day is recommended to fully benefit from the treasures of the Kremlin…

Moscou the armoury palace
Prestigious tableware, trophies and gifts from foreign heads-of-state fill the window-display cases of the Armoury Palace. © DR
Moscou royal carriages at the Kremlin
The Royal Carriages terminate a visit filled with surprises and discoveries. © DR

A very intricate museum complex backstage of the Russian power