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USM X COPERNI, the futuristic World Wide Home experience

USM X COPERNI, the futuristic World Wide Home experience

A new innovative experience in the universe of futuristic furniture, World Wide Home is the result of an ongoing partnership between USM and Coperni.

USM X COPERNI, the futuristic World Wide Home experience


2020 marks the 3rd collaboration between the fashion brand Coperni, founded by the Parisian duo Arnaud Vaillan and Sébastien Meyer, and USM, the iconic Swiss furniture maker. After launching a collection during Fashion Week, at Bergdorf Goodman, in New York, and at Bon Marché, in Paris, they have teamed up to create a new spectacular venue, the « World Wide Home ».

A new experience in our home sweet home

This experience takes place at the heart of the USM showroom, with as common theme furniture pieces created for this occasion. This projet is part of a digital venue focusing on the evolution of life styles and work environments. It has been conceived as 2 distinct spaces, at the heart of a common ambiance, which focuses on the desk as the central piece of a space where founding elements such as bookshelves or the printer gravitate.

This vanity table is imagined like an object of reflection questioning the notion of verticality and looking upwards. © Alexandre Moulard
This desk is entirely made of very short tubes and connection balls. © Alexandre Moulard

Welcome to the future!

After the Working sequence, room for the Living moment. With a bed placed on the ground, contrasting with a vanity table aiming at the sky, and a very sober dresser, it is imagined like a place to rest and dream. The video projection is a reminder that it has been thought out like a neutral and modulable canvas to the infinite in order to invoke the immateriality of Internet. A world with no beginning and no end that will suit you perfectly…

Monumental, the bookshelves draw their inspiration from the binary code as a direct homage to computer coding. © Alexandre Moulard

Living today with the furniture of tomorrow

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