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In Val d'Isère, the deluxe Pearls chalets

At 1 850 meters of altitude, the amenities of the Black and White Pearls chalets, in Val d'Isère, impose ultimate luxury on the Savoyard peaks.

In Val d'Isère, the deluxe Pearls chalets


You will not be able to ski this winter? Don't make a mountain out of a molehill! Val d'Isère shelters enough palaces and high-end boutiques to keep you busy during your stay. Nestled at the foot of the glacier where the Isère river takes its source, protected by the gorges of La Daille and benefitting from generous snow, the ski resort opens up on a majestic natural decor covered with an immaculate powder.

Cosy settings facing a white paradise

Endless landscapes on the Solaise mountain and the face of Bellevarde, you can contemplate these at lesiure from the bay windows of one of the two chalets, Black or White Pearls. Inside, luxury is part of the daily picture. Alpine stone encounters marble, and wood is next to earthernware in a streamlined yet warm atmosphere. These chalets are built on  4 levels, with 5 bedrooms and their bathrooms, a large living room, a pool, a home-cinema and a ski room for your snow equipment.

An invitation to relax

The tone is set right from the entrance. Its large space dedicated to well-being features a sizable basin enabling counter-current swimming and a hammam. Champagne welcome, large sofas, soft cushions, fireplaces, a daily served breakfast, tea time, adining room for 10 persons with a chef as option, and a dedicated conciergerie to share timeless moments as a family. While in town, you can even buy one of the deluxe chalets for sale in Val d'Isère

A mountain home, filled with taste and high-end amenities -

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