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The Vantage Concept : Aston Martin’s futuristic sports car

The luxurious Aston Martin Vantage is a sporty and futuristic model that’s sure to enchant anyone who is a fan of James Bond’s sportscar of choice.

The Vantage Concept : Aston Martin’s futuristic sports car


Ever since 1913, the British car company Aston Martin has been a leading manufacturer of sporty luxury vehicles, and many of its models have been featured in the film saga featuring Agent 007’s exploits in service to Her Majesty. At the same time Aston Martin is announcing its return to Formula 1 racing, it is also launching the boldly styled Vantage.

Aston Martin : at the cutting-edge of the automotive industry

The sculptural, aerodynamic styling and performance of this V8, bi-turbo series vehicle is legendary. Its muscled flanks and wide base deliver exceptional road handling and downforce. Inside, an eight-speed automatic transmission can power the car from 0 to 95 km/h in 3,5 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 315 km/h.

Aston Martin Vantage push button
You’ll love using the push button start decorated with scarab wings to start up this sportscar’s engine. © DR
Aston Martin Vantage passenger compartment
The onboard entertainment system features an LCD screen and includes audiobooks, an iPhone plug-in, a USB port, and satellite navigation. © DR

A toy you can customise to your heart’s content

This sportscar is equipped with Pirelli P Zero tires, power steering, and a passenger compartment outfitted in Alcantara and leather. Aston Martin offers an extensive range of customisation options for the engine, rims, and cabin. But if you want to drive one home, don’t forget to bring your American Express Centurion… it costs a cool 154 000 € !

Aston Martin Vantage seen from above
As visible from above, the vehicle’s fluid curves help it hug the road. © DR

The British car manufacturer makes a sporty comeback

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