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Venini : a Passion for the Art of Blown Glass in Murano

Venini : a Passion for the Art of Blown Glass in Murano

Designers conceive collections of blown glass vases which are renewing this art born in Murano, Italy.

Venini : a Passion for the Art of Blown Glass in Murano

One of the islands of the Venetian Lagoon, Murano has been famous since the 13th century for the quality of their artisan glassblowers. The foundries were visited by the sovereigns of Europe to order the personalised glassware for their palaces. This expertise in the art of glassblowing has been passed on, like the reputation of the Venini makers, masters of the art of transforming sand into crystal. 

Murano, the island of the art of glass and Venini 

The power of natural colours and the inspiration of international artists have been the frame of the firm’s collections for 90 years. The techniques of transparency reflect the elegance and the quality of the « Made in Italy » mark, with an immediately recognisable design. With these techniques, the master-glassblowers give life to the most fantastic creations, touching objects of the art of the table with enthralling nuances of light.

Vase Venini Fante
The Fante vases are crying out for bouquets matching their wonderful colours. © DR
Vases Venini mouchoirs chromés
Christened the « Chrome Hankies », the vases of Fulvio Bianconi, which can be used as trinket bowls, are already being sold at auction. © DR

A voyage of original creations

Venini’s autumn-winter catalogue 2017/2018 is a creative voyage in three parts to enhance your homes, sweet homes. Icone, Gift and Autori tell a story of the skill of the artists of Murano to obtain original multi-faceted combinations. Their satin-like touch will evoke the grand voyages from Venice to the Orient along the Silk Road...

Vase Venini Bolle
The infinite purity of the Bolle Collection is made using secret techniques. © DR

Venini, maker of dreams and Venetian glass

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