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Vostell Malpartida, the Happening Musuem in Extremadura, Spain

Temple of the the cultural movement Happening, the Vostell Malpartida museum is located at the heart of a regional natural park in Estremadura.

Vostell Malpartida, the Happening Musuem in Extremadura, Spain


Discovering this fanciful museum must be earned! In the middle of nowhere, the small Spanish town of Malpartida de Caceres, in the province of Estremadura, shelters the Barruecos « Natural Monument », a natural regional park whose landscape is dotted with imposing granite rocks that give it a lunar aspect and the conservatory, founded in 1976, by German-Spanish artist Wolf Vostell.

A Happening sequenced at the Vostell Malpartida museum

Precursor of the cultural movements Happening and Fluxus, painter, sculptor, pioneer of video-art and the « décollage » art technique of peeling, he has accumulated the wildest works in the former outbuildings of a wool laundry—the visual shocks begin as soon as the door swings open.

Vostell-Malpartida Museum - car-piano - Espagne
Created in 1998, « Fluxus Buick Piano » shelters a real musical instrument under the hood of the vehicle. © AL
Vostell-Malpartida museum - Cadillac with pavement - Spain
Under the pavement, this Chevrolet seems to have been through an earthquake. © AL

Artsy off-beat creations and decorating ideas

The artistic creations and the fetishist symbols of this avant-garde artist are regrouped in collections with an originality worthy of Salvador Dali's surrealism. Broom Cadillac, piano Buick, wall of motorcycles, transformed televisions, compressed cement, all these creations offer a wide array of stunning art works. This unusual place could inspire you with decoration ideas for your sweet home, or a show room…

Vostell Malpartida museum - wall of motorbikes - Spain
This collection of motorcyles from another era has found its last destination, covering a stone wall. © AL

Artistic avant-garde, in a preserved nature

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