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Wallonia, Flanders, Brabant, the château lifestyle as observed from the sky

Wallonia, Flanders, Brabant, the château lifestyle as observed from the sky

Very trendy in Belgium, scenic air view of châteaux enables to discover the provinces of Wallonia, Flanders and Brabant, from a different vantage point.

Wallonia, Flanders, Brabant, the château lifestyle as observed from the sky


Château de Corroy, in Gembloux

In the province of Namur, this 12th century fortress hosts a medieval venue, during the summer, with period artillery on display. Visit its chapel, its marble dining room, its Polish Salons as well as funiture pieces from the Royal Association of Historical Estates.

Belgium château de Corroy
If you are seduced by the château, be aware that the living rooms and gardens are rentable to organize grandiose events. © DR

Château de Vierset, in Modave

Originally constructed in the 11th century, and rebuilt in 1775, this château surrounded by a moat, nestled at the heart of Condroz (Province of Liège), is articulated around a superb courtyard of honor. The site offers the opportunity to dive into a bath of culture, at the heart of idyllic greenery.

Belgium château of Vierset
Transformed into a very charming deluxe hotel, Corroy also welcomes company seminars. © DR

Manoir of Lebioles, in Spa

Known as the « Small Versailles of the Ardennes », this venue was built at the dawn of the 20th century by a minsiter of King Léopold I. Welcoming spectacles from the National Theatre of Belgium, hunting parties and receptions, it has maintained all its prestige.

Belgique manoir de Lebioles
Located in the town of Spa, this 5 star hotel shelters… a voluptuous spa. © DR

Château Bayard, in Eghezée

Cradle of the Namur family since 600 years, this château of French inspiration, built on a pond, along the Mehaigne, is the rendezvous of romantics who appreciate its reception rooms with Italian or Napoleonian decors and its orangery. A timeless haven of peace.

Belgium château Bayard
To slip a ring on her finger and celebrate this event in style, this venue offers the most high-end amenities. © DR

Château de la Hulpe

South of Bruxelles, the regional Solvay Domaine was the stronghold of the Marquis Maximilien de Béthune who built a château in the Flemish neo-Renaissance style, during the middle of the 19th century. He displays the works of the Fondation Folon and the estate's botanical gardens are highly admired.

Belgium château de la Hulpe
Often compared to Moulinsart in Tintin for its perfect symmetry, the park of the château offers 3 guided promenades. © DR
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