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Wallonia: postcards of the most beautiful listed villages

Wallonia: postcards of the most beautiful listed villages

Visiting Wallonia’s most beautiful listed villages is a bit like stepping into a postcard. Each one showcases the many assets of this French-speaking region in Belgium.

Wallonia: postcards of the most beautiful listed villages

Thirty of these villages are scattered across the WaIlonian landscape. Grouped together in 1994 by the « Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia » association, these small towns, which are often well off the beaten path of most tourists, are the product of a strong rural identify that is steeped in regional diversity. This is a strong selling point that communicates the town’s local flavour and quality of life, which is well worth protecting.

Wallonia’s picture-perfect villages

These villages, with names like Lompret, Fagnolle, Falaen, Soiron, Crupet, Nobressart, and Vierves-sur-Viroin, are tucked away next to roads leading to a city hall, church, or chateau—the centrepieces of these exceedingly charming communities. Located alongside a river, in a natural park, or at the bottom of a valley, their green backdrops and rolling hills create beautiful, real-life postcards.

Wallonia Cupret village
Nestled in a narrow valley, the sixteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings of the village of Cupret are sure to make an impression. © Mark Rossignol
Wallonia Thon-Samson village
Thon and Samson feature a verdant landscape overlooked by the ruins of an ancient chateau. © Mark Rossignol

Breath-taking locales with unique character

Adding these villages to a list of historical sites is also an effective way of preserving the traditions and local flavours in Wallonia’s five provinces. « Road Vintage Experience » takes visitors to charming monuments, breweries, and invigorating hikes around Pays des Lacs. The bucolic setting offers endless opportunities for memorable strolls.

Wallonia Somme-Leuze village
Set on the south side of a ridge, Chardeneux is built around a church decorated with four bell towers. © Mark Rossignol

A constellation of green villages in Wallonia