The duo of star chefs poses for posterity after a brilliant four-hand lunch. © Julie Limont

Edouard Loubet and Christophe Hay, the four-hand lunch of 2 star chefs

Star chefs Edouard Loubet and Christophe Hay met in the kitchen of La Maison d'à Côté to concoct a memorable four-hand lunch.
Count between 17 500 and 100 000 €/week for the rental of one of these deluxe residences. © John Taylor

Cannes : a festival of deluxe properties on the Croisette !

The 2017 Cannes Film Festival is in the spotlight on the Croisette... A golden occasion to discover...
Symbol of caviar in  France, Armen Petrossian has created a 10 kilos box of black gold for true conoisseurs. © DR

Petrossian presents a new caviar brunch

For balmy weather, Petrossian is launching a caviar brunch with a selection of specialities to...
Surrounded by castles and historical homesteads, the penthouse is located in one of the most residential areas in Cannes. © DR

Stars in private residence, hosted in a Cannes penthouse

In Cannes, the stars climbing up the steps of the Palais des Festivals will reside in discrete...
The architectural and artistic heritage of the old part of Florence are the pride of its inhabitants. © DR

City break in Florence, the capital of Tuscany

Cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is an open window on Tuscany. Slip on your Tod’s, it will...