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ACH, the decoration objects of collectors

ACH, the decoration objects of collectors

The art of living affiliate of Hommés Studio, ACH Collection, conceives decorative object lines that transform the house into a territory of adventures.

ACH, the decoration objects of collectors


Constantly seeking to make its clients live new experiences, the newcomer brand of Hommés Studio pushes the cursor of creativity even further when it comes to the conception of its collections. For the Portuguese flagship, transforming the house into a unique space, even a museum, is a philosophy that conveys cultures, stories and artistic vibrations aimed at outstanding personalities.

The need for exception at home

The recent generalized lockdown made certain people realize that being surrounded by beautiful decorative pieces was essential to their life. With perfect finishings and a keen sense of detail, these pieces are capable of awakening emotions and collecting souvenirs in a contemporary ambiance with a vintage and Pop Art  touch. The list of ranges worked on by craftspersons is constantly growing.

Decoration under the sign of culture

Table settings, potteries, thematic perfumes, furniture, accessoires for pets and office lamps in ceramic are at the avant-garde of this spirit. Also in the running, sculptures, candles, leather cushions, poufs, door handles, mirors, bowls, vases, plates, cups, platters and hand painted figurines that blossom on the shelves of prestigious homes, for the greatest happiness of "life style lovers".

The new art of living expression

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