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Empreintes, the address dedicated to arts and crafts trades in Paris

Craftsmanship trades have a dedicated address, in Paris, at the heart of the Empreintes « Marketplace » spotlighting meaningful creations.

Empreintes, the address dedicated to arts and crafts trades in Paris


In a small street of the Parisian High Marais, this « Marketplace » spread out on 600 m², in a four-story building bathed in light, is the rendez-vous of art trades. Bookshop, projection room, it presents  1,000 authentic and meaningful table setting creations, created by hand as unique pieces or in mini-series, stemming from workshops located all over France.

Arts and crafts highlighted at Empreintes

For its new season, Empreintes has organized 2 strong moments. From September 3rd to November 9th, 2019, the works of Mu, Nathalie Massenet Dollfus and Ferri Garcès will be showcased during the exhibition « Matière I Mutation I Perception ». This will be a perfect occasion to discover a corner dedicated to the vase. Having become an art object, the alibi of the bouquet is no longer necessary to display this iconic piece.

Empreintes vases Pétrole Barbara Lormelle et Barbotine Pegau wine pitcher
Pétrole vases by Barbara Lormelle and the wine pitcher by Barbotine Pegau are part of the new collections. © DR
Empreintes Atelier Chatersen table
Made in wood and felt, this table is produced by the Chatersen workshop. © DR

Creations with raw elegance

Table setting collections, plates, cutlery, cups, salad bowls, the concept store with raw elegance, redesigned by architect Nabil Hamdouni, is the contrary of standard merchant venues, against the flow of the always more and faster. It imposes itself like an urban pause, an invitation to take the time to choose unusual objects, with a « shop in shop » spirit.

Empreintes vase couronne Marion Richaume
Spectacular, the crown vase by Marion Richaume deserves to lord over a spectacular home. © DR

An unusual urban shop-op

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