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Pierre Renart, the elegant curves of a virtuoso cabinetmaker

Pierre Renart, the elegant curves of a virtuoso cabinetmaker

Virtuoso « cabinetmaker », designer, Pierre Renart masters aesthetics, technicity and elegance with his curvaceous wooden shapes.

Pierre Renart, the elegant curves of a virtuoso cabinetmaker


Represented in France by Maison Parisienne, a nomad gallery that showcases the talents of contemporary artists in order to highlight their works, support these absolute trades, the deep values that contribute to the rarity of luxury and diffuse their creations in prestigious places, Pierre Renart graduated with honor from the famous Ecole Boule, the reference of applied arts.

Cabinet making according to Pierre Renart

This wood explorer is passionate about the manufacturing process and its transformation. He has already participated in 30 exhibitions in France and abroad by combining traditional know-how and technologies, with an interaction between nature and craftsmanship. The designer-cabinetmaker is now recognized for his curves and the pure lines he gives to this noble material.

Pierre Renart desk Wave
Shaping the Wave desk with a single wooden board is a feat in itself. © DR
Pierre Renart console Möbius
Hours of work were necessary to modulate the shapes of the Möbius Console. © DR

Mixing wood and carbon fiber

Even if he experiments with the fuson methods to fold it or stratify its panels, he also uses composites such as carbon fiber. Amongst his notable projects, he designed the interior of the Studio Harcourt Café, in Paris, decorated the Dior, boutique in Boston, imagined XXL furniture for the 22 Bishopgate, a skyscraper in the City of Londres. A virtuoso to be watched very closely…

Pierre Renart Vesta desk
Coordinated to its chair, the Vesta desk is the perfect example of a successful mix between tradition and modernity. © DR

Making exception become the rule

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